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Who We AreschoolSAFEid is a privately-owned software company, based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that specializes in visitor management systems for K-12 schools and cloud-based identification software that generates printable ID cards. We built this software as a result of the growing demand for innovative technologies to keep schools safe, as well as to assist school districts in efficiently producing the photo IDs worn by students during school hours and while attending after-school activities.

The CEO of schoolSAFEid, Bart Baker, also co-owns a school photography company with his business partner, Nathan Dunn, called Oklahoma School Pictures. Together, they have over 15 years of experience providing school photography services and producing student IDs to over 200,000 customers. From doctors and law enforcement to public school systems, we are experts when it comes to ID and visitor management software that is not only user friendly, but also cloud-based for your convenience.

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What We Do

What We Do We understand that each customer is unique and that no two jobs are alike, which is why our visitor management system contains a variety of customizable options to fit your specific needs. The schoolSAFEid system works by checking a visitor’s driver license data against the national sex offender registry to ensure optimum classroom safety. Schools can also flag and make notes on visitors involved in situations that require discretion and privacy, such as a childhood custody issue.

Schools can quickly and easily check in and process visitors and parents, provide them with both physical and digital ID badges, and check them out when they leave campus. This allows administrators to keep track of everyone who visits their schools, boosting both security for students and efficiency for staff. Parents and other authorized individuals can also use our system to check students out of class for doctor’s appointments, family emergencies, or other categories determined when setting up your visitor kiosk. Kiosks are installed with help from the schoolSAFEid team to ensure your system is running smoothly from day one.

Additionally, our cloud-based ID software incorporates barcodes, school logos, mascots, special colors for each grade, and other features to simplify the process of ID printing. You can rely on our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts to assist you every step of the way. We accept images and CSV files from businesses and schools across the United States. If you don't currently have an ID printing solution, or if you would rather have a cloud-based solution that doesn't require installing software on a specific computer, please contact us for more information.

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