SchoolSafe ID



Can I run sex offender checks?
Yes, sex offender checks are automatically run on every visitor.

What happens if there is a sex offender match?

If there is a potential match, the School Safe ID kiosk displays a discreet message that will allow your front office to check to see why the visitor was flagged. Alerts can be sent to selected people by email or text.

Does a staff member have to be present at the office or kiosk?

No, The School Safe ID kiosk is typically used as a self-service kiosk.  However, we recommend a staff member be present at all times to mitigate any problems.

Can I program alerts?

Yes, you can configure the School Safe ID kiosk settings to send text or email alerts.

Is there a way to differentiate between visitor types?

Yes, you can create up to 6 different types of visitors.  The badge sticker will display the visitor type in big bold text. 

Can I manually enter visitor information?

Yes. If you are not able to scan an ID you can easily enter the visitor’s information into schoolsafeid.com.  You can also enter the visitor’s information manually at the School Safe ID kiosk by selecting the office use only button. 

How long is the sign in/out process?

The average sign in/out process takes 10 seconds or less.

What if the visitor does not have an ID?

If a visitor does not have an ID, you can manually enter their information in the system at your personal computer at schoolsafeid.com or at the kiosk.

Can it take a photo?

Yes, you can take a photo to keep on record and print the visitor’s photo on the badge that they are given. The School Safe ID kiosk has a built in web cam that captures the visitor's photo. 

Can I scan IDs?

To increase the speed of the sign in/out process, we provide a 2D scanner which will automatically populate the visitors name and date of birth into the school safe id software. 

Can I use my own computer or cell phone to check all of the visitor log info?

You can use your computer to log onto schoolsafeid.com to see all of the information that is captured by the kiosk station.  Because School Safe ID is web-based, you can use almost any device that is web-enabled.

Can I use my own computer as the kiosk station?

No, School Safe ID requires that you purchase our kiosk kit.  The kit includes the following: Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Colorful tablet enclosure, 2D Id scanner, label printer.

Do my visitors need their Social Security number?

You do not need to have a visitor’s Social Security number or card to run a sex offender check.

What kind of visitor reports can I run?

You can run history reports on all types of visitors.  The reports can be filtered and exported in excel.

How can I see a demo of School Safe ID?

Fill out the form on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange your free demonstration.  You may also call us at
1-877-565-0182 if you need to arrange something sooner.